Mail Order Thai Brides – Top Reasons To Date An Asian Beauty

Mail Order Thai Brides – Top Reasons To Date An Asian Beauty

Why Do Thai Women Become Mail Order Brides?

A lot of Asian brides are registered on mail order bride platforms. You can meet your future Thai wife there as well. Nevertheless, what encourages these ladies to register on Thai dating sites? Let’s delve into the most prominent reasons.

  • Thai men are generally known to not be very faithful. These ladies want to meet loyal men who don’t consider other women romantically.😌
  • Each potential Thai mail order wife wants to open new horizons in a relationship, thus meeting a partner from a different nation. Despite the Thai language, a lot of local girls speak English, so cross-cultural connection isn’t a problem for them. So, if you’re looking for a Thai woman, don’t worry about possible language barriers.🌏 
  • Ladies register on real Thai dating platforms because they want to improve their well-being and social status. Intermarriages are popular in this country, so these ladies see them as a real chance to get a better life.💑 
  • A sense of security. Due to the dominance of local men, Asian women often feel insecure in relationships. Women from Thailand like American men since they act as protectors in their families. They support gender equality and treat their wives well. So, finding a wife in this country can be a real treasure.🛡️

Why Dating Thai Mail-Order Brides

Once considered tricky and not reliable, today mail-order bride websites are the most popular way to find your spouse. Due to the modern and high-quality features, the searching for love is a quick and exciting journey.

Now that you are partly ready to explore the unknown world on online dating, the question is: where to start? Why should you choose Thai ladies? And how to establish a serious relationship on the distance? Find all the answers here in the text.

With age and experience we understand ourselves better. We finally know what makes a relationship work and what we should look for in a partner. If only we could already select women according to the characteristics we are looking for… Wait a second. We can!

Mail-order bride sites offer a wide range of astonishing women to date, and we can select them by switching on the particular filters. Thus, we end up with a person, whose worldviews, traits and interests are similar to ours.

Thai ladies are special. Here are the main points that differentiate them from any other lady you might date on Earth.

They Are Good-Looking

Thai brides have a superpower to look stunning. Their beauty is given to them by nature. They don’t have to wear makeup, do plastic surgery or constantly visit beauty salons. Their good-looking appearance is just there.

Moreover, girls know how to take care of their looks. Mostly, they don’t have bad habits, follow a healthy diet and live in a climate that contributes to the youth and beauty.

In fact, a stunning appearance is not the major benefit the girls have. Let’s find out more about their character.


Thai brides rarely lose their temper. They are understanding, attentive and caring. They don’t straightforwardly approach conflict and instead use the time to think about the issue and find solutions. Thai girls also feel when it’s better to slow down and stop asking you questions.

In Thai culture, keeping calm and caring on is a lifestyle. Therefore, you can be sure that you won’t have strong fights with your spouse.

Being calm is beneficial when you have to sort out some family issues as well. Your partner will always share her opinion in a polite way.


In Thailand, getting an education is the real way to upgrade the level of living. Young girls show a lot of enthusiasm towards studying and do their best to attend a prestigious university.

They also enjoy traveling and see other places. The innate curiosity always moves them forward. Therefore, the Thai lady will keep up with any conversation. Moreover, she will always have what to share and will be glad to hear your point of view.


It’s impossible to get mad at a Thai bride. In some ways she may even behave childishly, reminding you of the naive and exciting way of living. Thai women are likely to be easy-going and open-minded and in the same way, carrying the traditions forward with them.


At last, most probably you expect establishing a serious relationship with the mail-order bride, and therefore, Thai lady is the right choice. For them being close to the family and relatives is a must. It pleases them to spend time in the circle of the dearest people.

Besides, they want to create a family of their own. Thai women are great at bringing up children. Often they get help from seniors or have to look after their younger siblings. Therefore they know how to behave with children.


Thai ladies are used to the model, where a male in the family makes the main decisions. It is okay for them to listen to the husband and do as he says as long as you are equal in the relationships.

The patriarchy in the family doesn’t mean that you can ignore the opinion of your girlfriend or bride and do as you wish. To maintain healthy and long-lasting relationships you have to ask her on every issue and in a conversation discuss what solution would be the best for the family. Mutual respect and equality are the key to happy relationships.

How to date a Thai bride?

Thai ladies are gentle, tender and sweet. They require a precise approach to fall in love with the foreigner. Thus, follow these tips and see how they effectively work for your benefits.

Girls love good manners

Thailand brides desire attention and want to be surrounded by care. Show them the best you can, implementing your perfect gentlemen manners on practice. Pay attention to their personalities, listen to their stories, remember the likes and dislikes, wish good morning and good night.

Once you meet the girl in person, treat her well: open the door before her, help her in the restaurant or cafe, be there for her and show that you are a reliable man.

Ladies expect compliments

Notice all unique and special characteristics about the girlfriend and tell her about them. Compliment her looks, views, and ambitions. Don’t forget about the surprises, gifts, and flowers. Make her days with gentle and caring messages or calls.

Like any other ladies, Thai girls want to feel special and important to you. Various small gestures and deeds that you might consider of no real worth can mean a world to them. Share your thoughts and impressions, tell about your day and thank the girl for the changes she brought into your life.

Women prefer to take things slowly

It’s great if you are ready to marry her right now, but most Thai women are not impulsive, and they need time to get used to the partner, trust him and fall in love. Also, ladies don’t like showing off their affection in public as they perceive it vulgar.

To conquer a woman’s heart, give her time and show the best of yourself. Listen to what she says and try to get her emotions and feelings. At last, you have to meet her parents before marrying a Thai bride. This act not only shows your attitude to the relationships and the girl, but it is obligatory if you want to tie the knot with the girlfriend.

Take relationships seriously

Most Thai girls are raised in conservative traditions and take dating and marriage seriously. They are not looking for a fling and expect their partner to be a man of his word. Moreover, sex before marriage is a taboo for most. Most ladies await that their partner will respect such attitude and act accordingly.

How to Find Thai Bride Online

You don’t have to fly all the way to Thailand to meet the girlfriend of your dreams nowadays. If you seek relationships with the beautiful Thailand bride, there is no better place for the meet that on thai dating services.

Thai women become targets of several biases. The major one is built around the level of prostitution in the country. For local women, it is quite offensive when men approach them with the thought that they are easy to get. Therefore lots of ladies who are looking for the serious relationships register on dating site in Thailand.

The main benefits of dating services are obvious. Firstly, you select the partner according to your needs and preferences. Secondly, through virtual communication, you find out more about a lady. At last, you get time to sort out if you enjoy spending time with a partner and whether this communication has a future.

The Web offers at your disposal numerous services. For now, you should be aware of the biggest one, which is:

  • Asia Charm
  • Asian Lady Online
  • Romance Tale
  • LoverWhirl
  • AsianFeels

A wide range of users, constantly active members, helpful searching and convenient chatting – that is what unites all the mentioned services. Read our reviews to find out the main fors and againsts about the websites.

How Much Does a Thai Bride Cost?

To analyze a Thai bride cost, we tested the SakuraDate dating site. This is one of the most reputable international dating sites to meet Thai brides, so we considered both communication tools and advanced features. 

SakuraDate uses the credit system to pay for the services. You can avail of the following packages to explore the potential of the platform and meet a Thai woman.

  • 35 credits — $2,99 (one-time purchase for new users)
  • 35 credits — $12,99
  • 50 credits — $19
  • 100 credits — $33
  • 250 credits — $75
  • 250 credits — $75
  • 1,000 credits — $200

The most beneficial credit pack is the largest one. Just to compare, one credit in the smallest package costs $0,37, while one credit in the largest one is $0,2. The difference is obvious.

SakuraDate also has a specific price list for its services. Check it out to see how much it is to connect with Thai ladies and use the advanced functionality of the site.

  • Sending likes in profiles and chat — 2 credits
  • The “Say Hello” feature — 2 credits for saying hello to every new member
  • Live messaging — 20 credits for 10 minutes
  • Winks — 2 credits
  • Sharing a sticker — 5 credits
  • Opening a photo and responding with a photo message — 10 credits
  • Letter — 20 credits/each
  • Opening or listening to an audio message — 15 credits
  • Opening or receiving a video message — 25 credits

If you are all about traveling to Thailand to meet your lady in person, you may expect to have the following expenses:

  • Meeting a Thai wife (round trip to Thailand) — $1,400
  • Accommodation — $40-$100 for one night in a 3-star hotel
  • Taxi services — $120
  • Thai mail order brides dating (food and entertainment) — $500
  • Gifts — $400

Are Thai Mail Order Brides Legal?

If you want to meet a Thai woman, you must be sure that your affair is legit. Creating a romantic connection with Thai women for marriage is absolutely legal. The main thing to pay attention to is the choice of Thai mail order bride services. Approach only reputable sites to communicate with ladies over 18 and avoid questionable situations involving breaking the law.

Also, it is necessary to remember that brides from Thailand are protected by IMBRA, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, VAWA, or the Violence Against Women Act. Also, pay attention to the concept of “buying a Thai mail order bride.” It isn’t related to human trafficking or something illegal. If you want to find a Thai lady, you just need to purchase the services of online dating sites. There is no option to literally order a wife from Thailand.

Another legal aspect is bringing your Thailand mail order bride to the US. As soon as you find your ideal Thai lady on a dedicated bride platform, you may want to switch to real-life dating. This is where it is necessary to apply for a fiance visa. When your spouse gets a visa, she can travel to the US. However, you will need to formalize the marriage within 90 days of her arrival and provide a marriage certificate to a municipal authority within your proximity.

Do Thai Women Love American Men?

Despite cultural differences, gorgeous Thai women appeal to American men due to numerous reasons. Some of them include:

  • Ladies from Thailand like how local men treat their partners. Social norms in Thailand differ from those in the US. These women don’t get enough attention from their men. What makes Thai brides happy is attention and devotion to their relationship, and they believe that American guys can give them those emotions.
  • A high life standard American men can offer. Thai women are known to follow modest lifestyles. Nevertheless, they still strive for a better life and self-growth. They like that American men are ambitious, determined, and financially stable. Thai brides look for reliable partners, and they consider guys from the US the best candidates.
  • Women in Thailand are physically attracted to foreign men. Local culture keeps them a bit constrained; otherwise, they would want to travel outside of their home nation. Thai males are frequently accused of cheating, although foreigners are seen as attractive.
  • When foreign guys travel to Thailand, they want fresh experiences. They’re always traveling and doing different activities. This makes a Thai lady feel excited. These ladies desire a taste of that lifestyle as well as new emotions. They want to try something new with American men.

Local ladies believe that US guys are sweet, kind, and charming. Thailand women like everything about them, starting with their looks and ending with the perfumes they choose. Your future Thai wife will admire you regardless of the situation. That is why numerous Western guys are all about dating Thai brides.

How We Review Mail-Order Bride Sites

Reviews are the key to figuring out the best dating website. It is them that give the fullest information on the various services, provide pros and cons, give comments, suggestions and attach screenshots with a detailed description of the service.

It is impossible to select the most suitable venue to find Thai girlfriends without reading articles on several platforms. We provide highly efficient reviews that let you make the right choice and here is why.

Engaging the Experts

We involve experts for all the articles we publish. Our team consists of people who are passionate about what they do, who knows how matching works and who dedicated years of their professional career to the subject of online dating.

We engage with skilled international specialists who know what is vital for dating and what can be omitted, what can increase your chances on successful relationships and what is absolutely useless. Therefore, our reviews are written by experienced masters who know what the audience needs.

Detailed Sescriptions

In the reviews, we highlight all the major aspects of the website. Thus, we provide a detailed description of the registration and your first steps as a new member. We also include an overview on the searching and chatting, a gallery of users and the quality of their profiles. At last, we are aware that convenience and friendliness of the interface can play a crucial role when deciding, so you can see our evaluation of these points as well. Finally, security and pricing policy of the venue is also included in reviews.

The articles provide readers with all the crucial information that is needed to form an overall impression on the platform.

Honest and Reliable Overviews

The reviews we publish cover the main points and render an objective verdict without promoting any particular service. We rely only on facts and describe what we have tried ourselves. Each of the websites that are being reviewed was tried out by the professionals and received its rating for a reason.

There are numerous dating venues in the Web, but only a few offer a decent service. We gather the finest mail-order bride sites, on which you can get a safe environment and meet the like-minded community.


Thai women are exceptional indeed. They are familiar with Western culture, but at the same time preserve lots of local traditions and customs. Their gentle appearance together with soft character make them perfect wives.

Thai ladies are the right choice for those seeking serious relationships with marriage and children. Nowadays, meeting such a pearl is not that hard as it used to be. Numerous dating services match foreigners with Asian beauties perfectly, establishing strong and happy international couples.

Want to learn more about Asian mail order bride from other countries? Visit site of our partners and learn interesting facts about Asian girls for marriage and best place to meet your soulmate.

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