Hot Russian Bride Scams…Try This Instead

by Matt K

ThaiBrides editor5 Hot Russian Bride Scams...Try This InsteadWhile there are all sorts of different Russian sites and agencies out there promising a premium selection of beautiful, single ‘hot’ Russian brides, I’ve managed to find (and successfully use) a few that won’t waste your time or money.   We all know and have heard stories of  men in pursuit of some gangly 23 year old Russian with bleached hair and black nails only to wind up being victimized by the same old Russian bride scam.

Usually the scam involves you spending  time and money exchanging heart felt letters and correspondence with the agency’s hired agents instead of the real Russian woman in the photo.   I know and sympathize as it happened to me….a few times actually before I met my Asian wife.  But that was 10 years ago.  Now it’s easy to find some of the more well known Russian agencies/dating sites  (I post below) that are leaders in their industry and making a very good living doing things 100% legit.

Most dating sites and agencies will take into consideration what you are looking for in a Russian lady (so answer the profile questions as sincerely as possible).  Based on those  Russian Bride Scams Hot Russian Bride Scams...Try This Instead responses  you are matched to the right type of Russian woman that not only matches you but attracts you.  Of course if there’s not an initial attraction– you move on.

Those Russian ‘hot’ brides are out there, but those that are just in it for the money end up at some mom-n-pop Russian online agency.  The bigger agencies that have been around are still around and have grown because they’re not just in it for the money.

My wife was almost in the middle of this kind of Ukrainian bride agency scam where both the agency and the women involved were out to prey on old rich mens wallet.  No man needs or deserves this.   But again you can avoid this whole situation altogether by using legitimate dating services.

When you start there are some prerequisites that you must adhere to.  Legit agencies maintain that you must be single, divorced, or widowed. have an actual dwelling place and a savings account to shows you have the wherewithal to travel abroad.   The ’20 questions’ is actually good.  It shows they care about their clients and that you have the means to provide for these women should they one day in the future become your Russian bride.

Dating a Russian or Ukrainian bride online is becoming more common place.  There are men from all different occupations and all different ages who have decided that Russian brides are for them.  The excitement, mystery, beauty, and passion of Eastern Asian women can really add spark and passion to your life.

Don’t worry about them speaking  English. If they’re genuinely interested in you both will want to learn.  That’s what happened in my case.  As the relationship grew she decided to learn English and I responded in kind by helping her (yes even financially) towards getting an English tutor.

In many situations, the agency will assist with helping the bride to speak the English language, but it doesn’t hurt for you to at least make an attempt yourself towards speaking their language.

In my experience I’ve found most overseas dating sites efficient and helpful towards learning what you have to watch out for and what’s considered a red flag in the relationship.

So, if you have considered  Russian or Ukrainian brides I would recommend pursuing a reputable online agency (as opposed to mail order of course).  I used several Asian dating sites at once to increase my odds.  In your case if you want to find the ideal ‘Hot’ Russian bride that has a good head on her shoulders, you need to qualify more than a few girls.

If you have any unique experiences with Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, or any other Asian brides dating agencies please leave your ‘do follow’ comments for the benefit of the community.

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